Photography & Art by Mike
Starting at the very young age of 10 years old, Mike was experimenting with photography. Early in his life, even as a young child, his artistic talents were recognized and continued throughout his life. In High School Mike started selling his pencil drawings to classmates and their friends.

In early 1971, Mike acquired his first SLR camera and took a photography course to increase his skills. In 1972, Mike wanted to expand upon both his photography and drawing skills so he took up oil painting. In 1973, Mike moved from Amherst, NY to Scottsdale, Arizona and the beauty of the Southwest influenced him. In 1974, Mike started selling his photographs and paintings in Sedona, Arizona at local Art Galleries. In 1974 he started his training as a martial artist and eventually teaching at a school he open, Mountain Tae Kwon Do. He advanced in rank and in 1988 attained his 4th Degree Black Belt; one of his many accomplishments. His photography and painting skills have been featured is several magazine and news articles throughout the years.

In 1993, Mike and his family moved back to Amherst, NY where he continued with his passion of photography and oil painting. His interest in artistic photography is driven by a passion to create perfection and make others feel happy and benefit from such talent. This artistic talent is prevalent in all of his endeavors. In 1996 he started a website hosting and design company, MJ Marketing, Inc. and offered his photography skills to his clients. As word spread, soon he was booking weddings, photo shoots, etc. and did so without any advertising.

Mike has been providing his photography services for the Tonawanda's Chamber of Commerce, NT Recreation Dept, NT Police and Court Buildings, where you can see his work on the majority of brochures and publications. Photographs of his work are displayed in the mayor's office and many other commercial buildings. He created and operates a free website Western New York Boater's for boaters in this area featuring thousands of photos taken along the waterfronts, and he has been the official photographer for the Erie Canal Fest for the years 2004, 2005 & 2006. Unfortunately, in 2006 he sustained a life-threatening injury in a snowmobile accident that left him unable to work for several years. The Canal Fest organizers' have asked him back but due to time restraints he is unable to continue working for them.

Mike's wedding and portrait photography art have always been the first choice for all the people that had any exposure to his work and abilities; they knew he put his heart and talent into this wonderful form of art. Combined with his keen ability to capture wonderful photographs, his digital editing abilities are phenomenal. If you are looking for a talented, down to earth photographer, you need not look any further.

For your enjoyment, Mike is offering his professional photography services in the Western New York area and specializes in weddings, portrait, commercial food, commercial architecture, product and anything photography related.

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